Vinoski Winery



As owner of Vinoski Winery, Walt Vinoski claimed his family heritage as “Son of a Winemaker” and followed the winemaking talents of his European ancestors. In his early days of winemaking, the Pennsylvania native focused on making wine from the grapes and fruit that grew naturally in the regions of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

While his efforts produced award winning wines, he did not rest on his laurels. In pursuit of making the best wine possible, he carefully sources the very best grapes from around the country to create the complex, sophisticated wines that are the cornerstone of Vinoski Winery.

Winemaker Robert Blosser and Winemaker Eric Earl are passionate about their craft, the science and art of winemaking.  They trend, measure, monitor every aspect of the profession and even though wines may change from year to year, they work to main the taste and aroma profiles that our customers prefer.   This often means that extra measures and steps are taken, but quality is worth it.