Vinoski Winery



Vinoski Winery is family owned and operated in Westmoreland County, PA. Walt Vinoski is an electrical engineer with a PhD in Business Administration and Economics. As the owner of Vinoski & Associates, he is an acknowledged expert in Electrical Power Generation. He travels the world to provide expert opinions on power-generation equipment failures. He has consulted in the Americas, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Israel.

Roxanne Vinoski studied Accounting at Randolph Macon University and also works with Vinoski & Associates. The two, who are both natives of South Connellsville, Pennsylvania, married in 1991 and together have three children.

During Walt’s business travels, he has visited wineries throughout the world developing an appreciation for the finest wines while formulating plans and best practices for his winery.

After years of travel, Walt and Roxanne decided to move back to Western Pennsylvania to raise their family. They purchased a home with several acres in Ruffs Dale, PA where they developed their own vineyard and started their own wine production.

Their vision of opening a winery took shape when he and Roxanne partnered in 2007 with a local berry farm to build a winery. As partner and winemaker, Walt set the standard for high-quality pure wines. The winery became incredibly successful and grew quickly in popularity. Using both his family experience and his analytical and technical abilities as a scientist and engineer, Walt soon developed award-winning wines under a few different labels.

All the while, Walt and Roxanne still held the dream of owning their own winery to showcase their private family label. Based on his world-wide travels, Walt worked to develop dry wines that were complex, sophisticated, and more commonly found on the West Coast and in Europe.

Walt took the opportunity to lease a winery in Lodi, California to develop wines exclusively for the Vinoski Label. Wine production began in 2014 and plans to launch their own winery in Southwestern PA were underway.

In April of 2017, Walt and Roxanne Vinoski purchased “The Castle” as an exquisite setting to share their world class wines and a distinctive venue for entertainment and special events.