Vinoski Winery



Petite Sirah

petit sirah

Hints of darker chocolates and balanced with a silky tannin structure.  This 100% Petite Sirah will provide wine enthusiasts with a nice fruity, New World, well-rounded wine. The wine has great mouthfeel with hints of nearly ripe black cherries and 95% dark chocolate. Time and attention allows us to produce a wine with enough tannins […]



Black cherries and pomegranate with hints of coffee. This is Merlot at its finest. A bottle of this Merlot is jammed with fruit, delivering long-lasting flavors that suggest steely, meaty black cherries and pomegranates, lending a certain tartness. Even some medium roast coffee and a thread of herbal pepper complimented by soft tannins will be […]



Our 2018 Isabella conveys fruit forward aromas of cherry and strawberry with a pleasantly smooth mouth feel.

French Colombard

french columbard

Our 2016 French Colombard conveys lightly sweet flavors of white peach and baking spices.



Vine fresh white grapes with hints of apricot, green apple and honey. Our 2017 Diamond white wine is light goose yellow, clear and transparent, with aromas of roses and honey. The taste is refreshing and pleasant, and the aftertaste is continuous and last longer than ordinary wine.



Sweet, pleasant arbor-ripened grape jam. A nostalgic take on a classic wine. Sweet, refreshing with taste and aroma that are classic Concord. Locally grown. Fermented and bottled at the Vinoski Winery Castle. Our 2017 Concord was awarded a Bronze Medal in the 2018 Great American International Wine Competition.  



Green apples with hints of tropical fruit. Our Chardonnay offers a silky-smooth and creamy viscous texture not commonly found in dry white wines.  Flavors are reminiscent of a nutmeg-topped crème brûlée, that could be interpreted as buttery vanilla oak.  A pleasing fruitiness of pears and Granny Smith green apples provide a nice tart bite on […]

Cabernet Sauvignon

cabernet sauvignon

Light oak.  Bountiful cherries and a subtle tobacco finish.  In our Cabernet Sauvignon, ripe flambéed dark cherries will carry on and on after the sip. The taste is not sweet, but nicely fruited, with well-rounded tannins more elegant than dense, yet still full-bodied.  This wine will stand up to a prime rib, rib-eye, or Delmonico […]

Paint n’ Sip at the Castle

A huge thanks to all you Paint n’ Sippers who participated in our fun event today!! We had some talented people join us for a great time putting their own artistic touch on wine glasses and beer mugs. We appreciate you coming out to the Castle and spending the afternoon with us.

The Queen’s Beads Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Workshop

Today’s jewelry workshop by The Queen’s Beads was certainly a hit! Our guests had a fun, relaxing, afternoon sipping Vinoski wine while designing some sparkly jewelry pieces. Thanks for coming out and spending the afternoon with us at the Castle!